Pen Blank Stabilizing Service
Pen Blank Stabilizing Service Pen Blank Stabilizing Service

Pen Blank Stabilizing Service

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Native Pens is now offering a timber blanks resin stabilizing service. Send us your blanks and we will complete the stabilizing process before sending them back to you, ready to cut, drill and turn.

Why stabilize?

Resin stabilizing allows soft, often spalted timber, to be hardened and made suitable for pen making or other projects. Burl or highly figured timber can be stabilized to reduce the risk of chipping or tear-out during turning.

With resin stabilized blanks, your pens and projects can have better resistance to wear and tear, giving your products a longer life.

To Order:

1. Add the quantity of blanks you want stabilized to the shopping cart and check out in the normal way. The postage you pay at checkout covers the return postage of your blanks.

2. Post your blanks to us, see our contact page for postal address. Once received we will confirm receipt and the expected return date.

Price per blank at maximum size 22 x 22 x 130mm

Stabilizing of other size blanks is available on request, please use our contact page to request a quote.

  • Most timbers can be stabilized. Sometimes very dense, oily or sappy timbers are not suitable.
  • Blanks must be dry, less than 10% water content preferred.
  • Blanks must be clean, dust free and fairly uniform size.
  • Blanks should not be drilled.
  • Process can take up to 2 weeks if further drying is required.
  • Effectiveness of stabilizing varies with species and condition of wood
  • Percentage weight change after stabilization varies considerably with species and condition of wood
  • Some warping can occur due to curing heat. Again varies with species and grain alignment
  • Stabilization may darken the wood to some degree. This effect will vary considerably by species
  • Please note that stabilizing will not repair cracks and holes